The focus of our Wyoming-based legal practice is to provide quality Estate Planning. We pride ourselves in providing an unwavering level of service which is client-focused, and results driven. Within our Estate Planning practice, we provide high-value solutions for family and individual wealth preservation, asset protection, and protection planning for those we cherish most - our children.


Our engagement with clients differs from those of traditional law firms by offering empowering information that educates clients, as opposed to mere document drafting. Our passion is to serve families by helping them to protect their children, plan for their future, and while in that process, keep families out of conflict and court.

Not Difficult and Not Only for the Wealthy

Estate Planning, easy as...


Make an Appointment

Schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session with Bethany. Don’t worry, there is no pressure during your appointment and no obligation after it.

The sole purpose of this session is to help you get educated and get your questions answered.


Complete Estate Planning Worksheet

As soon as you book your Family Wealth Planning session we’ll send you a Family Wealth Inventory. We ask you return it to our office 3 days in advance of your appointment.

This worksheet is designed to help you focus on the important legal and financial information necessary to get your Estate Plan in order. Completing this homework will ensure your time with us is productive and informative. It also helps you become more financially organized than ever before.


Attend Your Session

During your session, we will walk through “what would happen” to all that you own and everyone you love, if anything were to currently happen to you.  If what would happen matches your goals, you can put your mind at ease.

However, if what would happen does not fit your goals, then we'll discuss exactly how to fix it.

During your session we can help you design a plan. If you are not ready to design a plan, at least you will have 
 a chance for an attorney to answer your Estate Planning questions.

Our Services

Estate Planning

Planning for everyone you love and for everything you have.

Trust & Estate Administration

Handling all technical details of locating assets, paying bills, and making sure your loved one’s assets get to the right people, without conflict. 

Probate Administration

Probate, in the state of
Wyoming, is a court-supervised procedure that helps ensure
the legal transfer of assets
from the deceased to the
rightful heirs or beneficiaries.

Estate Planning is an important and everlasting gift you can give your family.

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Our Founder

Bethany Gilson
Founder of Legacy Law, LLC; Specialized in Estate Law
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