Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is not planning for death; it's about planning for your life. An Estate Plan is about planning for everyone you love and everything you have. In fact, Estate Planning is so important that you already have a plan in place. If you die without your own Estate Plan, the state of Wyoming has a plan for you called Probate. And Probate is NOT something you want your family to have to go through. Proper Estate Planning, however, is the only way to avoid probate. At LEgacy Law we help you understand the best plan for you.


What Type of Plan do I need?

Many people are confused if they need a Will, Trust or some other type of legal documents. This answer depends on many different factors. As your Personal Family Lawyer ® we can help you navigate these issues and help you decide on what is right for your family and circumstance. All of our plan packages include comprehensive documents including your Will or Trust, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, HIPAA Releases, Kids Protection Plans and much more. Schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session today to learn more!

How Do I Protect My Minor Children?

If you are a parent of a minor (under age 18) child (children), including those with special needs, who depend on you, your Estate Plan must always begin with your children being taken care of by the people you choose, in the way you want, no matter what occurs.


At Legacy Law, one of our areas of greatest expertise is planning for the well-being and care for the children you love. Many people believe having a will is adequate protection for children, however, a will alone does not ensure your children will have temporary guardians if something happen to you.


We create a Kids Protection Plan® which is is a set of instructions, legal documents, and even an ID card for your wallet. This plan is what you need if you have kids at home who count on you for their well-being and care.


For example, if you are in an accident your Kids Protection Plan® will make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, strangers, or the care of anyone you wouldn’t choose. The authorities would receive the clear instructions received from your Kids Protection Plan®. This plan ensures your children are raised and cared for by people you have chosen, not by someone chosen by a Judge who does not know you.

How Do We Help You With Estate Planning?

We conduct a Family Wealth Planning Session, where we spend time together and you’ll be informed.
Before your session, you will complete an Estate Planning Inventory, which will help you get clear about what you own, and also what you have to think about when it comes to planning for the well-being and care of your loved ones and the belongings that you love.


If you decide the current state of affairs is unacceptable, and if we both decide that it’s a good fit to work together, then we will design an Estate Plan together that will best suit the needs for you and your family.

Can I DIY My Estate Plan?

Unfortunately, most plans DIY plans do not work because much of what passes for Estate Planning, is more than word processing. Generally what happens is after being asked several questions, a drafter then decides which plan is right for you and plops you into a template. This is not Estate Planning; it is more than a “search and replace” of your family’s name and hitting the “print” button, spitting out forms and documents.

We Are Professional Estate Planners

As your certified Personal Family Lawyer® at Legacy Law, we will educate you, take the time to get to know you, your family, your concerns, your goals, and your issues. We will gladly and patiently answer all of your questions to produce an Estate Plan that is exactly right for you and will keep your loved one’s out of court and out of conflict.


If you are a family with young children, then your Estate Plan should begin with a foundation that ensures your children would always be taken care of, no matter what happens.

At Legacy Law, one of our areas of greatest expertise is protecting minor children.

 Serving Families to Help & Protect Their Children

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Once you schedule, we will send you everything you need to get prepared so that you can leave this Session with the total confidence of knowing you have made informed, educated, and empowered decisions for yourself and the people you love.